If you’re a low maintenance, budget traveler then you are probably well aware of the hoops you usually have to jump through when booking an inexpensive flight with RyanAir. If you are an impulsive person, then you probably find yourself reading these articles a lot more than you had wished but do not fret! Getting to Barcelona from the GRO airport in Spain is actually very simple. Girona Airport is still considered a small airport. However, with RyanAir now using it as a popular destination, the numbers of travelers passing through GRO to go to Barcelona numbers in the millions.

How To Get From Girona–Costa Brava Airport to Barcelona 

GRO Airport to BarcelonaRyanAir flies into Barcelona and also Girona–Costa Brava Airport, which is typically where you will end up if you’re flying with RyanAir. Although the airport is roughly 100 km from the city center of Barcelona, there is little to no hassle to get there. There are train, bus, and car options to get from point A to point B, but the most affordable is the bus option. 

Price: 25 euro round trip

“Barcelona Bus” is not affiliated with RyanAir, but they work together to run at convenient times when the flights come in and leave for travelers. A round way trip is only 25 euro and can only be bought in person at the ticket kiosk with cash, debit or credit card. There are also one-way options that are affordable. 

 Travel time: 1.5 hours one way

The bus will leave from the Girona- Costa Brava Airport but it’s important to be sure to arrive at the “Estacio d’Autobus Barcelona Nord” which is their main bus terminal station and vice versa when returning for a departure flight. This is the best way to get from GRO Airport to Barcelona. You'll find yourself amongst may other savvy travelers that are in the know on budget travel secrets. 

Passport/visa requirements:

Spain is conveniently located inside of the Schengen Area, so US citizens are allowed to travel here or any member state for up to 90 days without a visa. This means that with a valid passport traveler's can enter countries such as Spain, Greece, France, and Germany with only a valid passport to travel as a tourist. So once you are ready to leave Spain, catch that next cheap flight out and maybe you'll end up exploring those famous Italian beaches.

Posted by Steven Fox