The Miami Passport Agency announced today that their offices are currently closed until further notice. If you have an appointment at the Miami Passport Agency for expedited passport service, please contact us today. We can help expedite your passport on time for your upcoming trip. Our team of expedited passport specialists can secure your U.S. Passport in as little as 24 hours. 

Please call us at 877-910-7277 or email us:


The Miami Passport Agency is located in the Omni Center in Miami and the building has experienced extensive water damage. Unfortunately, this means that passport applications may be delayed due to processing issues. Appointments at the Regional Passport Agency in Miami will require rescheduling. For travelers with immediate travel plans, Fastport Passport can help. Our expedited service can be completed entirely through your local acceptance agent (the post office or county clerk) and then you can FedEx overnight the documents to our offices. We can get your passport processed at a number of other Passport Agencies across the country. 

Don't let the Miami Passport Agency closure impact your upcoming trip! Call us today to secure your expedited passport processing.



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