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A visit to a passport acceptance agent is required for new adult passport applications, all child passport applications, and replacement passports (lost, stolen, damaged). The Passport Acceptance Agent is authorized by the U.S. Department of State to verify your identity, documents, and signatures for the passport applications. Enter your zip code below.

Acceptance Agent Process

  • Applicant MUST Appear in person at a post office, courthouse, or county clerk and present the original documents to an acceptance agent authorized to accept passport applications. The acceptance agent MUST witness the signing of your passport application.
  • IMPORTANT: If applicant is 16, both parents must be present at the acceptance agent to give consent. If both parents are not available, the absentee parent must fill out a consent form DS-3053 which allows the one parent to apply for the passport. This form must be notarized and the notary cannot hand write the expiration date. It must be part of their stamp. You must sign and notarize on the same date. If dates are not consistent, your application will be rejected. Please contact our office at 877-910-7277 if you have any questions. If you cannot locate the non-applying parent of cannot get their consent, you will need to complete the Form DS-5525 Statement of Exigent/Special Family Circumstances. If the applicant is 17 years old, they will need one parent or guardian present at the acceptance agent.
  • Notify the agent that you are using an expediting service to “hand carry” your application.
  • The acceptance agent will take All Documents you prepared in Step 1.
  • The agent will instruct you to Sign the DS-11 in their presence. Your signature must appear the same and match favorably on all documents.
  • The agent will then Seal the DS-11, photos, proof of citizenship, travel documents, authorization letter and the $170.00 check in an envelope marked “To be opened by U.S. Passport Office Only”.
  • IMPORTANT: Make sure the agent returns the sealed hand carried envelope to you.
  • IMPORTANT: Do not open the sealed adjudicated envelope or the application will be invalid. You must also send us your sealed envelope by the following day or your application may be denied.

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