The most common reason why a Passport application can be denied involves applicants not submitting the required materials (i.e. official copy of a birth certificate, unacceptable passport photos, and insufficient identification submitted). Fastport Passport's instructions are so detailed that applicants using our services and follow our instructions exactly will not have an application denied for submitting incorrect materials. 


During the Passport application process, applicants' backgrounds are screened. The following are the most common reasons that the Passport Agency will deny or suspend an application.


Reasons for Passport Suspensions

Applicants in arrears more than $1,500 in support payments will be denied a Passport. The only way to remove this restriction is to pay the total outstanding balance; an arranged payment plan with the courts will NOT remove this Passport restriction. After paying off the entire outstanding balance, it still can take a couple of weeks for the cleared status to be reported by the local court to the Federal level thus clearing the applicant for a Passport.
Prior Felony Conviction that prohibits international travel. Not all felony convictions prohibit international travel. Applicants needing additional information regarding a prior felony or who are unsure whether they are able to travel internationally should contact their probation office regarding probation terms. Parking tickets and civil infractions are usually not an issue.
Passport photos must adhere to the strict guidelines set by the U.S. Department of State. If you are concerned about having acceptable passport photos, we recommend having a professional passport photo studio take your passport photos. You can get passport photos at most CVS and Walgreens locations too.
If there are any errors with the documentation, your passport application will likely be suspended and immediate action will be required. Following our Instructional Checklists are a great way to ensure your passport documents are completed correctly.
Missing or incomplete documents will cause your passport application to be suspended. Follow our Instructional Checklists carefully and there will be no issues with your documents.
Applicants must provide proof of ID in order to apply for a U.S. Passport. This step is often completed at the acceptance agent. An acceptance agent is needed to verify the signatures and identity of the applicant. This is usually the post office or county clerk. If you do not have a primary ID that is acceptable, you will need to provide additional proof of ID. This is further explained on our Instructional Checklists.


Rejections are handled on a case-by-case basis. If you are using our service, it may be possible to email the missing or required documents using our Passport Rejection Response Form. However, most times The U.S. Department of State requires original documents so applicants will need to overnight deliver the required documents.