Start Here: 5 Simple Steps


Complete Passport Application Form DS-11


Complete and print the online application form DS-11 now by clicking on the link below.
 Complete DS-11 Form

Do Not sign this form now

Do Not mail this form to the National Passport Center but to Fastport Passport

After completing and printing this form, please close the window and return to the passport instructions

 Gather Supporting Documents.

Download your document checklist to help you organize the list of requirements. Download Checklist

A. The electronically completed DS-11 application. (Completed on Step 1)

B. Proof of U.S. Citizenship (click here for list of examples)

C. Proof of Identity (click here for list of examples)

D. Proof of Travel (click here for list of examples)

E. One Passport Picture (click here for a sample picture)

F. Government Fees/Payments; Check payable to "US Department of State" for $170 if applying for a Passport Book Only and $200 if applying for a Passport Book and a Passport Card

G. Download Authorization Letter and shipping label. These items are very important and are required for processing your application (Click here to download our letter of authorization)

 Visit an Acceptance Agent (AA).

After collecting all the documents, you must appear in person before a designated Post Office or Court House where your passport application will be authorized by a local Government Official called: Acceptance Agent (AA).


Find an Acceptance Facility:


Inform the (AA) that you are using an expediting service to "Hand Carry" your passport application to the Government for processing.

Download AA Reference Guide and take it with you to the post office in the event that AA is unfamiliar with the Executive Application Policy.


The (AA) will then:

A. Ask you to sign the DS-11 Form.

B. Add his signature to the DS-11.

C. Check your ID

D. Ask for all the Documents you have collected and seal them into an envelope using an official seal or stamp.

Important: It is acceptable if the (AA) insists on not sealing into the envelope one or more items collected in Step 1. But make sure to attach those items to the sealed envelope.

Very Important: Make sure the (AA) returns the sealed envelope to you so that you can mail it directly to Fastport Passport


Once the sealed envelope is handed to you, please write your:

A. First and Last Name.

B. Date of Birth.

C. Date of Departure

Important: Please send the sealed envelope to Fastport Passport as soon as it is sealed. The seal on the envelope expires after four business days.

 Ship your Application using FedEx.

Please send the sealed envelope with all the required documents to our office using the Fastport Passport provided FedEx air bill.




That's all, you are done! We will take care of everything else.




 We get your passport made as fast as you need it!

Once your passport is processed by the U.S. Department of State, we will overnight it to you via FedEx.




Now you're all set to travel the world!

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