Fastport Passport expedites thousands of passports every month. We understand the stress you may feel waiting on your passport, but we will do everything to ensure your passport is ready in time for your trip. If you are wondering how to check your passport status, check your tracking number from when you sent us your documents. When our office signs for your documents, you can be assured your passport is in processing.

We will only reach out if there is an issue with your documents. Otherwise, we will have your passport ready in time for your trip! 

The passport status check is not necessary when using our service. Our processing times are very accurate. Once we get your documents, we review them and submit them the following business day to the US Passport Agency. If we see that your travel date is sooner than your processing time, we will contact you to upgrade to the next processing speed to ensure your passport is ready in time for your trip.

Passport processing status requests are answered manually by our staff during normal business hours. All passport status inquiries will be answered in the order that they were received. Response times for the status of a passport may vary due to government and/or processing delays.

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